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  • the News: March 2021

    Thank You! It is a dream that I want everyone to experience. I had a desire to make something that I love. People noticed and started to buy it. Now I have started a business behind that desire and it is because of the love and support I get from this community. Every restock I am in awe that my jewelry is even reaching anyone. I secretly never want to lose that feeling. Thank you a million times over for your support. Thank you for sharing with friends and being so kind. Bold Statement I love earrings that can completely change a pin-up, that can pull a simple black dress together, and that are lightweight enough to lounge around the house after a zoom call. If they are no making a statement, what are they doing? Ha. Custom Orders Coming I am finally finishing up the logistics around custom orders and I am excited a nervous at the same time. I love free reign over designs and letting life move me to what I create. I have been working on setting up the custom orders to ensure you get my full creative process. I am excited. Stay tuned for the rollout. Small Business Mama's How are you hanging in there? Have you been outside today? Every week is different over here. What worked to keep the kiddies entertained this week sometimes won't work next week. I am constantly on Amazon looking for things to keep up with them and to make this business run smoother. I have been putting a list together for ideas on Pinterest and Amazon to help us make it through this season. I am sending you love, sunshine, dance breaks, and calm days your way. You got this! Thank you all again for your love and support. Tamaira

  • Jewelry Care Tips

    About your Ramae design. ​ Handcrafted from polymer clay and acrylic. All designs available to you have passed my quality control and might have slight imperfections that developed during the molding and curing process. These imperfections allow for each design to have a unique look. All designs are handcrafted in series and are one of a kind. Clay Care: All studs and metals are nickel free. Keep from excessive exposure to water and heat. Please avoid bending or dropping to eliminate breaking. Our clay is beautiful and delicate. Buff metal with a cotton cloth to shine any dull spots Wipe clay with a damp cloth To remove make up use a cotton swap and fingernail polish remover ​ Acrylic Care: ​ All studs and metals are nickel free. Wipe with a damp paper towel to remove make-up or smudges ​ Return Policy: ​ All sales are final. Please email me at if you have any questions.

  • Hi My Name is Tamaira

    My name is Tamaira and I'm the owner of Be Kind Ramae, a handmade jewelry boutique. I started Be Kind Ramae in 2019 while nine months pregnant with my 5th baby. Oh my! This has been such an amazing time growing this business and I am glad you are. Stay tuned as I celebrate DOPE EARRING DESIGNERS this year.

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  • the CUSTOM ORDERS | ramae

    the Custom Do you need earrings for a bridal party or special event? Order your custom earrings today. Browse through past styles and lets chat. Acrylic Earrings Do you want to change the colors of an acrylic design? Clay Earrings Did you see a Ramae style that you would like in a different color? Past Styles Did you see a pair from a previous collection that you want? Custom Order Form Upload File Delete File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Ramae | Handmade Jewelry

    SHOP VYNE EARRINGS Collections Quick View OOAK Quick View OOAK shop ACRYLIC EARRINGS Creating a new look to our best-selling shapes by taking our most meaningful designs and remixing them. Quick View Pilea Quick View Pilea shop CLAY EARRINGS Enjoy the intricate details of hand-shaped clay earrings. Quick View Dope Earring Designer Tee Quick View Dope Earring Designer Tee shop APPAREL Are you a DOPE EARRING DESIGNER? ​ I would go to my Aunt's Salon to get my hair press and curled and when I was done she would always ask where my earrings were. Lets just say I never leave home with out them now. Tamaira Ramae, Owner and Designer @iamquawanna Beauty by me. Earrings by @bekind.ramae I love these designers. @fashion_0utsider Excited about my @bekind.ramae earrings! These are so light I forgot I was wearing them, uncommon for supersized jewelry.

  • | ramae

    Hey Beautiful! Join the Be Kind Family and stay up to date with promos and restocks. Thank you! Submit

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