Tamaira Ramae


Tamaira Ramae is an artist, designer, and founder of Be Kind Ramae, a jewelry brand that encourages you to be kind to yourself and others.


The brand’s mission is to create vibrant, and bold pieces that allow customers to wear their own stories. With jewelry, you can feel empowered, confident, strong, beautiful, and glamorous. Be Kind Ramae, wants people to feel like they can be themselves, love themselves and each other unconditionally while wearing their work.


Tamaira Ramae’s jewelry has been seen on Vogue, Tabitha Brown, Ari Lennox, Lauren Hamilton, and a wide range of beautiful everyday people.


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Be Kind.

What if we examined what we were raised on? I do daily. I listen to music from back in the day. I watch movies from my childhood. I revisit moments in life and hold these memories up to the lens that I have after years of experience. Years of learning what the world is for myself and what the world is from different points of view. Then I say to myself, do those views still hold true today? Are those lyrics right? Was that memory what I recalled it to be? And I examine and change.