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Friendly reminder: Not one plant of this earth blooms all year. You to need a season of rest. Be Kind Always.

A Year of Fear, Faith and Gratitude

A Year of Fear, Faith and Gratitude

Hey there,

2023 has been a wild ride, to say the least. At the end of 2022, my family and I were deep into prayers, hoping to snag a new house and turn our townhome into a rental property. We didn't house-hop like crazy, just checked out the ones that felt right. We threw offers on two places, got outbid, and I was a mess. But you know what? We finally got the green light to move after two years of slowly building up credit and figuring out the whole home-buying process.

It's funny, looking back, I started packing weeks into the house tours with this unshakable faith that we were destined for a new place. I even told my husband, David, "We're moving somewhere," and he loves to quote me on that now. Faith is a tricky thing for me because I'm a planner. I like solid ground beneath my feet, you know? But through my journey with God, I've learned He's never let me fall.

So, here we are, chilling in our new place every day with hearts full of gratitude. Sure, we're a bit financially stretched with double the repairs and bills, but we're on another faith walk. The world didn't exactly end on a high note in 2023, what with all the wars, elections, and inflation still on the rise. As a small business owner, creative, mom, and wife, I often find myself drained, anxious, and even angry at life. But hey, we pray daily, set goals, and try to motivate ourselves to keep pushing forward.

Sitting down to write this at 1 in the morning took some dedication, let me tell you. I've got no clue what 2024 holds, but we made it through 2023, and that's a win in my book.

For January, I'm keeping it real simple. I'm going find ways to stay active in the winter, amp up my faith, read my goals daily, drink more water, and be consistent in Be Kind Ramae. Also, have to be kind to myself on those days when I just don't feel like doing a thing. Let's see what 2024 brings – hopefully, a bunch of heart's desires fulfilled.


Cheers to embracing the unknown and making it through another year! 🌟

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