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My Whirlwind Adventure in Fashion: From Doodles to Drapes!

My Whirlwind Adventure in Fashion: From Doodles to Drapes!

My Whirlwind Adventure in Fashion: From Doodles to Drapes!

Hey there! Ever had one of those wild, zig-zagging journeys that feels like a roller coaster? Welcome to my world! It all started with a quirky little activity album in first grade. Think of it as my first ‘Instagram’ where I flexed my art skills, filling each page with doodles and dreams. Was I the next Picasso? Nope! But boy, did I feel like it.

The plot thickened when Great Grandma's sewing treasures found their way into our home. Picture this: a young me, armed with a pair of scissors and an old shirt, going all "Project Runway" on my baby doll. That week, my dolls strutted around with a wardrobe even supermodels would envy!

Zoom into high school, and ta-da! I was the self-proclaimed fashionista, stitching up a storm and even throwing my own runway shows. College saw me diving headfirst into fashion design. Did I graduate? Well, let’s just say I took the "experience is the best teacher" route. 😉

Life kept tossing curveballs, and I danced along! Boutiques, tutus (yes, for adults!), snazzy tees, and oh-so-chic pencil skirts – I did it all. Amidst the chaos, a dream was brewing: my very own clothing line.

Fast forward, and here I am, a proud mom of five and the brain behind 'Be kind. Ramae.' It's my little slice of fashion heaven and, trust me, it's just the appetizer!

So, to all you dream-chasers out there: Embrace the zigzags, laugh at the detours, and always strut your stuff with confidence. After all, life's one big runway. Ready to rock it? 🌟👗🎉

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