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Friendly reminder: Not one plant of this earth blooms all year. You to need a season of rest. Be Kind Always.

Flow of Creativity

Flow of Creativity

I love creating. It brings me so much joy to take a concept from a sketch to a physical product. I saw a TikTok that asked, as a creative, what do you do when you are not creating, suggesting that it would lead to possible depression and disconnect. 

As a small business you are busy making website designs, packing orders, and running a business. With all of that you don't have time to create. There is a plug on your outlet that can get into a funk. That funk leads to a lack of creative flow and a downward spiral. 

I am conscious of a few things:

  • My intake of learning
  • My output of creativity
  • My family dynamics
  • My mental state and self-care

With these in mind, I'm consistently able to identify when I need rest, where I can stretch myself, and how I can ask for help. Here is a challenge, do something creative and relaxing that has nothing to do with your business. On the first day of my challenge, I crochet two ski masks for my husband's music video. Then I hand carved stamps, repotted all my house plants, and I tell you that I take a break from my business but still making sure that I have a flow of creativity has been refreshing. 


Challenge: Monitor your intake of information and your output of creativity. 

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