Jewelry Care

About your Be Kind. Ramae design.
Handcrafted from polymer clay and acrylic. All designs available to you have passed my quality control and might have slight imperfections that developed during the molding and curing process. These imperfections allow for each design to have a unique look.
All designs are handcrafted in series and are one of a kind.
Clay Care:
All studs and metals are nickel free.
  • Keep from excessive exposure to water and heat.
  • Please avoid bending or dropping to eliminate breaking. Our clay is beautiful and delicate.
  • Buff metal with a cotton cloth to shine any dull spots
  • Wipe clay with a damp cloth
  • To remove make up use a cotton swap and fingernail polish remover
Acrylic Care:
All studs and metals are nickel free.
  • Wipe with a damp paper towel to remove make-up or smudges


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